Full -fledged face care is easy and simple

Problem skin does not decorate a woman, but rather vice versa. Pimples and redness, peeling and various rash, fairly common phenomena. In order to exclude the appearance of defects, and as long as you can save youth, you should follow the main recommendations of beauty experts.

There are situations when skin diseases can be a consequence of failures in the work of internal organs. Most often the primary source of problems becomes the liver. Here you need to seek help from a dermatologist for help, who will prescribe tests and the diagnosis will make the correct. Do not neglect standard care methods. A variety of face masks will benefit, to read in detail about which on ////, it is worth noting that washing is not recommended to be carried out more than 2 times a day. Frequent washing regularly removes a layer of skin fat from the surface of the face, which only accompanies its active release. As a consequence, excessive appearance of acne;

Wipe the surface of the face only with a soft towel. In no case should you rub the remaining moisture. Only wetting is allowed. Cream and other protective cosmetic drugs can be applied to the face only after it is completely dry.

One day a week must be distinguished in order to cleanse the skin with specialized scrubs designed for problem skin. Rimming acne independently is strictly prohibited. A bad habit only provokes re -infection and leads to the appearance of blue spots and scars.

All the above leaving rules are only a minimum that will provide a beautiful and attractive appearance. In order to have an impeccable appearance, it is necessary to start from the smallest.