The most relevant marriage fiction

Samples of ideal marriage created by parents and romantic stories become the stereotype of young people who are still so inexperienced in family relationships. In most cases, social attitudes lead to disappointment, because each family is unique.

1. Husband is batrait, the wife is engaged in children.

Such an installation is suitable for the very beginning of marriage, when a man tries to strengthen his financial position, and a woman create a cozy nest for a happy family life. Modern wives without any lesson feel unclaimed, so in most cases they find a lesson that brings income or benefit to the family. And a man pamper his woman with flowers, good delivery from Flowers-Shop. . has become available today for everyone, and is content with its dominant position for the family.

2. Separation of household duties: wife – female work, spouse – male.

This heed characterizes the previous centuries, in the current century a man can prepare lunch himself and enjoy it, and a woman to repair a water tap or clog nails.

3. A collapsing marriage will save the birth of a child.

If the relationship has outlived itself, and love has died out, then the baby will only be a burden. It is worth thinking about the fate of the child and what he will live in a family without love of his parents. Do not hope that something will save marriage, if at least one of the partners does not strive to preserve it.

4. “If they sincerely love me, they will understand without words”.

The most frequent misconception, which leads to large quarrels. It is necessary to realize that few can feel all your desires and read thoughts. Learn to talk and share with each other your ideas, dreams and what annoys. The sooner you find a compromise, the faster you fully fully feel the sweet taste of family life.