Admission to the institute in the correspondence department

The correspondence form of training is a unique form of the educational process, which simultaneously combines the characteristic features of full -time education and independent learning. The part that is assigned to self -education is up to 70 percent compared to the part that students are provided within the walls of the institute.

Higher education in the correspondence department helps to achieve the desired goal with great efforts and independent labor, so it should be much higher. After all, not everyone can properly organize their life, work and study correctly. Only confident and disciplined people who are responsible for what they do can do this.

Today there is an opinion that it is much easier to enter the institute for the correspondence department. And to some extent it is, but without appropriate knowledge in subjects that will need to be taken on entrance exams, even it is quite difficult to enter the correspondence department. The submission of documents for obtaining absentee education is no different from the generally accepted position, and the list of documents includes:

application addressed to the rector of the university;

an identity document and citizenship of an applicant (a photocopy of a passport or another document);

certificate of passing the exam;

medical certificate of educational form 086-U;

Photos 3 x 4 (color or black and white depending on the requirements of the university)-from 6 to 8 pieces;

Documents testifying to achievements and merits are diplomas, diplomas, etc.

The only difference is the deadlines for submitting documents: they are shifted to the correspondence department about two weeks later, therefore, the passing of exams is also borrowed.

Recently, the number of people wishing to enter the correspondence department has increased. The main reason for this is the high cost of training, which cannot be possible for many young people from low -income families. And, having entered the correspondence department, you can get a diploma of a specialist at a lower cost. And at the same time, the quality of the resulting education is no different from the fact that the full -time students receive.

Today, everyone must break through his way in life, which means that you need to rely only on himself and even in terms of obtaining a decent education.

Correspondence education requires a large degree of organization and perseverance from students, without which it is impossible to perform tasks in a timely manner and efficiently.