Adult opinion in the work of their children

The child comes to parents, shows his drawings, reads his poems … He values ​​the opinion of close adults, and they, in turn, involuntarily find themselves in the role of home critic.

This role is difficult. The children’s opinion, children trust, because they, knowing all the “works of art” of their children, can judge how much better or worse than the previous one, because the baby believes and trusts them every act. And at the same time they do not trust, because a loved one can relate to a biased, in a similar conjunction.

There are other points when parents themselves are called and actively praise everything that the child did with their own hands. They are trying in every possible way to introduce him to creativity and impose an opinion on what is better and what is not, not paying attention to the desire of the child. If you are from such parents, then you should know that any hobby that the child decides to engage will be much more useful than any that you imposed. Even in the skill of collecting the Rubik cube, you can find your vocation, as the most outstanding collectors of this puzzle did. Therefore, if your child has asked you not a set for embroidery or burning, as you want, but a simple interesting toy, find out where you can buy a puzzle of the chubby cube and give your child a gift.

To evaluate (precisely evaluate, not thoughtlessly praise) the fruits of children’s creativity are not easy. And only constant and close interest in everything that the son or daughter does will allow known freedom and ease to judge them. And not only judge, but even give advice sometimes. And this is perhaps the most difficult. It is necessary to give advice with the greatest caution, because other recommendations can only negatively affect any classes. The sooner this is possible if children do not have a developed taste, so to speak, his own aesthetics if the child is inclined to susceptibility and self -doubt. Often, tips and comments on frequent occasion become dogmas, which young creators try to strictly follow in their future work.