Advantages of mattresses with a spring block

Almost all mattresses are made on the basis of the spring block, especially if the mattress belongs to the type of orthopedic models. Typically, during the production of high -quality and technological units, special professional equipment is used. Each spring for such a mattress unit is testing and careful quality control, which adds more advantages to such mattresses.

From the very first stage, the manufacturer controls the manufacturing process, including the choice of basic materials and springs navigation. I usually highlight DS mattresses with an independent and dependent spring block. Of course, there are mattresses without a spring block at all, but these designs have a number of disadvantages, and today they have less widespread. Now consider how the spring blocks are different. DS mattresses with blocks dependent by blocks are more accessible, in their design they have springs that are interconnected by wire. This type of mattress gradually loses its popularity and is a thing of the past.

Today, buyers are increasingly giving preferences to mattresses with an independent spring block, so their quality is much higher. In such mattresses, each spring is in a separate case. These covers, in turn, are interconnected in the ribbons among themselves by gluing. It should be noted that the prices for mattresses with a spring unit can vary depending on the filling, for example, these can be various types of latex or a layer of coconut coin. The advantage of mattresses with an independent spring block is that when pressed, only the spring is compressed on which. This property helps to maintain those parts of the body that are more necessary for this, support for the lower back is especially important.