Allergenic cosmetics rating

Unfortunately, some cosmetics can harm our health, in particular, cause allergies. Moreover, it is difficult to highlight some specific types of products.

It can be mascara, shadows, cream, shampoo. Allergies are subject to not only sensitive skin. A negative reaction to drugs can occur in a variety of cases. No, this does not mean that you need to stop using cosmetics, you just need to know how to use it and how to store it.

Researchers around the world are trying to understand how to avoid allergic reactions, some of them even made a rating of cosmetics in allergenicity, but so far not everyone can get rid of unpleasant consequences.

What can lead to allergies?

Firstly, preservatives. Substances that extend the shelf life of cosmetic products are generously used by modern manufacturers. Namely, they aggressively affect the skin.

Secondly, improper storage. During the use of cosmetics, it is important to remember that external stimuli such as light, humidity and air can be produced prematurely. It is necessary to clearly follow the instructions regarding the rules of storage of the product in order to avoid allergic consequences.

Thirdly, fragrances and flavors. Perennial smells can lead to suffocation, tearfulness and swelling. To avoid side effects, you should try to select natural products, before this, having familiarized yourself with the composition, excluding drugs that include dangerous components.

What to do if the allergy to cosmetics has already appeared?

First of all, you should immediately contact a dermatologist. It is the specialist who will be able to prescribe adequate treatment and give the required recommendations. If there is no way to go to the doctor, it should be:

Rinse all cosmetics with a large volume of warm water from the skin. In the case of an allergic reaction in the eyes, rinse them with tea or chamomile infusion. After that, you should relax a little from cosmetics for a certain period (from two to four days). It is also preferable to abandon products with pungent odors for a while: detergents, powders, spirits.

Drink any antihistamine immediately. Such medicines must be in the first aid kit at the hostess.

If drug treatment does not help, you can use folk methods. Various allergic manifestations of our great -grandfathers treated nettle. To do this, you need to prepare a decoction from this plant and drink it for several days, until the problem is completely stopped.

Do not despair and think that on cosmetics you can put a cross. The most important thing is to remember that only excessive use, improper storage and dangerous components lead to irreversible reactions. The selection of cosmetic drugs should be treated responsibly, and it is best to contact professional cosmetologists for advice.