As a presenter, he spoke about the date of the wedding

Dear friends, today I would like to talk about the date of such the greatest event as a wedding. I, as an indispensable wedding presenter, attended the holidays constantly and at any time of the year. So, I want to say that even a fierce frost in minus 25, the heat of 32 degrees did not bother young people happily and with a grand scale to celebrate “your day”, so do not angry for the weather, but feel free to order a restaurant. “Nature does not have bad weather”, as they say.

Came across such pairs that were paid tribute to religious beliefs or canons. There is such a thing, they say it is impossible to sign in fasting – the marriage will be short and unhappy. Well, this is most likely for those who decided to get married in addition to the registry office in the church – there you already need to talk with the rector of the temple. And you can put stamps in any month and day.

Play weddings on any day of the week – from Monday to Sunday! I advise you as a presenter. Kyiv does not sleep and does not rest, so you can be calm – you will not be bored in a restaurant or a club even on a weekday evening. Although, to relax on Saturday and Sunday at the wedding is not bad-after all, many of the guests do not go to work.

It rains in autumn, and in the summer the heat is like in hell. so what? If it’s raining out the street, and you have a wedding photo shoot, why not take beautiful umbrellas with you and turn the raw weather into a new chip in the photo? Heat? Make such a photo shoot as you bathe in the fountain, river, etc. D. – It looks very romantic and beautiful from the side.

To be honest, people plan their wedding a few months before the solemn day of registration, but why wait six months or two months, if you can sign 30 days after filing an official statement? I propose not to wait. I performed at those weddings where there were no preparation and thought out details and trifles, but it was very fun and the guests were glad. Sometimes, there was not even a decorated hall or thematic dresses of bride’s girlfriends, but the wedding and love of young people felt as strong as possible, and I entertained guests as a host. Kyiv, in principle, does not put up any requirements for weddings. You can sign it together, and then just fly away to rest abroad. That’s your business. You, for example, can collect all loved ones before your departure and just spend time in a cozy restaurant, in the circle of the most expensive. And the costs are less, and emotions will still remain. Yes, and don’t forget about the rings yet.

The host of your amazing wedding is Vladislav Gorbachev