Baby food for newborns

Today, store shelves are full of baby food for newborns from a variety of manufacturers. In this variety, many parents are simply lost. There is a set of rules thanks to which parents will be easier to make the right choice.

For the first 6 months, the baby eats milk, can be on breast or artificial feeding. For those who have chosen artificial feeding, you should choose the correct milk mixture. When choosing such a diet, special attention should be paid to what age it can be given to the baby. For example, milk mixtures from 0 should be chosen with special care. It is very important that after feeding the child nothing to bother – neither constipation, no soda, nor other troubles. Many parents fear that this or that milk mix can cause an allergy. Pediatricians advise checking the products, giving them to the child gradually.

When the baby turns six months, you can switch to fruit puree, puree with meat and vegetables. It is important when choosing a diet for expiration date, you should also pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. Before you give the baby some mashed potatoes, you should try. It is possible that salt or sugar will not be enough in it.

Everyone should not feed the child at once, especially when it comes to new nutrition. Half a teaspoon will be enough. If the baby’s reaction to the product is normal, then the next day the portion can be doubled by half. If in a few days the baby is used to a new nutrition, you can enter it into the main menu. It is important not to overdo it, but it is better to seek advice to a pediatrician.

Having accustomed the baby to new nutrition, one should not forget about the conditions of storage of products. It should be remembered that an open jar of power is not recommended to store for more than a day. If you put the products in the refrigerator, you need to store them with open no more than two days.