Can pregnant women go to the solarium

Previously, getting uniform bronze tone of the skin was real only on the beach and then not everyone. Some of the tan shaved stains, someone did not shave at all. With the advent of the solarium, the life of beauties who want to have a chocolate shade is greatly simplified.

Be beautiful and have a pleasant tone of tanning without powder and heat all wants to. Including pregnant women. But before making an appointment in the nearest salon, you should find out if pregnant women go to the solarium.

Specific studies in the field of the influence of the radiation that is present in the solarium does not exist. However, if you deal with the principle of exposure to radiation on the body, you can build rather reasonable hypotheses about the effect of this procedure on the body of a pregnant woman

The effect of the solarium

To briefly describe the principle of action of the solarium, then this is a kind of camera in which ultraviolet irradiation beams are created with special lamps. Thanks to the special composition, which is introduced into the glass of the flask, the possibility of exposure to the short -wave spectrum of ultraviolet radiation is excluded, thanks to which people receive sunburn. But is it possible for pregnant women to go to the solarium and is there any differences in the effects of the artificial “sun” on the body of a young lady in a position – this question is still open.

The positive effects of the solarium can safely be considered compensation for vitamin D, especially in winter, as well as getting rid of a number of dermatological problems. In addition, insolation is useful in depressive and immunodeficiency states. Nevertheless, the solarium is contraindicated for people whose skin has a large number of moles. In this case, the risk of skin cancer increases. Also, they do not recommend visiting the solarium to those who suffer from autoimmune diseases.

Separately, it is worth recalling that the tan, no matter how beautiful it is, is nothing more than a protective reaction to the aggressive effects of intensive ultraviolet radiation. In other words, this is a very easy burn.

Solarium and pregnancy

The opinion of experts about whether the solarium is allowed during pregnancy was divided. Some believe that this is a safe way to get the necessary doses of vitamin D, especially if the pregnancy fell in the winter period. Others insist on the dangers of a solarium for the fetus of the Hyperimmunized body of the mother being rebuilt for the needs.

A special pigment melanin, which is activated under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, is responsible for the formation of Zagar. Under the influence of a hormonal background, which is rapidly changing during pregnancy, the metabolism of this pigment intensifies. It is from here that pregnant women have pigmented areas. With an ultraviolet radiation, these spots will become larger.

Another argument “against” is the increase in the production of thyroid hormones and adrenal glands, which can lead to the risk of termination of pregnancy. The risk is minimal with reasonable dosages.

So in what cases the solarium is safe during pregnancy? It is necessary to comply with the following conditions:

consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist before visiting;

Mandatory consultation of a dermatologist to determine safe time and dose;

Salon or Zagara studio with a license;

high -quality equipment and good sewn;

qualified and attentive specialist;

abbreviated time in the cell.

Yes, subject to safety measures, the risk is minimal, but it is. Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the solarium – a relative question. Experts believe that it is better to refrain all the same.