Can pregnant women sunbathe in a solarium

Can pregnant women sunbathe in a solarium or in the sun? This issue worries thousands of pregnant women who do not want to walk for all nine months, like pale furses, figuratively speaking. And the rays of the sun also positively affect the body.

Thus, whether sunbathing is useful to our body? Yes, of course, because just sunbathings make it possible to produce vitamin D. And this is an additional guarantee that the born baby will not hurt rickets. However, not all sunlight is equally useful. UV rays are dangerous for the skin, can serve as the cause of cancer and burns. How to protect yourself from them and whether pregnant women can sunbathe in a solarium for any period? Here are some tips that will give you the opportunity not to suffer from UV rays.

– You should not go out in the sun in the region of eleven to seventeen hours. Just at this time, UV-rays are the most active. By the way, funds from UV rays will not protect the means, like beach umbrellas and other awnings. And the UV has the ability to penetrate into the water to a depth of fifty cm, so there is no. Exclusively in the room. Do not go out into the street.

– Apply photozite creams. Lubricate the skin with them at any time of the day when you are in the sun, and also when cloudy, because for UV-rays clouds are not an obstacle. Choose a cream depending on your skin type. Creams differ in different levels of protection. The highest – SPF30. Its name is in no way connected with the time of possible safe stay in the sun. The number thirty means exclusively that this cream protects against harmful sun rays for ninety -seven percent. It is almost unrealistic to sunbathe with him to the dark. And this cream will not allow you to burn white -skinned. However, do not hope that the cream absorbs all UV rays in the dangerous time of the day.