Casual evening office dresses of various styles

We want to constantly change, be bright and unique. Various styles and directions will help us in this. There are a lot of stylistic directions in the fashion world. Let’s look at a few of them.

Baby dollars style dresses. This style was first seen in England and Great Britain in 1965 at one of the social evenings. This style of dresses carries joy, children’s immediacy, game. These dresses are now, in the 21st century at the peak of popularity.

How it differs from other models:

short, playing length, approximately 30 cm above the knee cup;

For sewing, they use bright colors, various fabrics, ruffles, flies, decorative bows, rhinestones, beads. many skirts of different long and textures.

Playful drawings – bows, peas, hearts.

How to wear these dresses:

bright shoes (shoes on a comfortable wedge, elegant shoes – boats);

a large number of accessories (weave ribbons, rims into the hair, large bracelets on the hands, emphasize the neckline of the neckline);

A shortened kosukha leather jacket, or a short Denim jacket, will help you complete the image.

Retro style dresses. These are gentle dresses of previous eras. They carry a feeling of charm, taste, riddles. In the 70s, the designers invented the dresses “x” the silhouette. These are fitted, sophisticated models, ideal for girls with thin waist, and wide hips.

Also, dresses with many extended skirts can be attributed to the retro style

How and with what to wear:

wide varnished belts, large glasses, forehead bandages, fur bolero, junction of fluff and fur, elongated gloves, handbags – envelopes. With restrained colors, discreet accessories (for example, it can be a white collar) and not too strict dress code, they can become a spectacular option for work. Such office dresses can decorate any woman.

Dresses of country style. These are bold outfits of the distant West. These dresses are characteristic of simple and free silhouettes. They do not constrain a figure, give femininity. These dresses are decorated with ruffles, handmade lace, flowers, ribbons. Playful skirts, sleeve – flashlight or raglan, soft belt with brushes, bright laces. They are decorated with ethnic motifs, small patterns in the form of a “cucumber”, flowers, and a different cage is welcome. Knitted dresses of a similar style made by crochet are also popular.

Colors of this summer: all gamma brown, beige colors, terracotta, karmin.

Wear such dresses:

Take the choice of shoes very seriously. No heels, only thin shoes, such as colored leather sandals or ballet shoes.

Straw hats, cervical shawls, wide bright stoles, wicker bags with long belts will help you finish the image of country. You can buy spectacular dresses of any style in the Okomoko online store.