Childhood is the most beautiful time in human life

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Childhood is the most beautiful time in human life! Although at a minor age some thought otherwise.

It is at this time that I want to dream, create, study, explore, make and of course, play. Parents are ready to contribute to the development of their children with all their might. The house should organize a room for a small scientist so as not to interfere with scientific experiences and achievements. Ceiling, floor, walls, furniture, curtains, toys – everything matters.

The color scheme for the children’s room is very important. It is possible to use absolutely any solutions, the most important thing is that the main colors are combined with each other. The color of furniture is taken as the basis, and already under it you need to choose the color of the walls of decorative elements, floors, carpets, curtains. You should not use more than three colors in combination, otherwise the space visually will seem less. An excellent technique perfectly suitable for a children’s room is the use of a dark and bright shade of the same color. Neutral colors are black and white colors that help create coziness in the room. The most favorable colors for the room of boys and girls are yellow, pale blue, green and pink.

Walls can be painted or wallpaper. Professionals offer wall painting services. It is very beautiful, but also expensive. As an alternative, you can stick the murals. Now in construction hypermarkets they sell murals on completely different topics: flowers, animals, seasons, cars, animated characters and just cute pictures.

In recent years, parents with children love to apply non -standard decisions. Wallpaper-coloring became a favorite object. Well, which of us did not draw a felt -tip pen in his childhood on the wall? I am sure now everyone smiled and remembered that very moment. So, modern children are given the opportunity to draw safely on the wallpaper without fear of being put in a corner.

The simplest decor option is vinyl stickers. Thanks to them, you can designate the zones in the children’s room. For example, you can stick a functional “school board”. The peculiarity lies in the fact that a simple chalk can be written on the board, and wash the drawn with a damp cloth.

When choosing furniture in the children’s room, remember whose room is this room. Consider the taste and desire of your child. And if you are horrified by the choice of the baby, then learn to find a compromise. The easiest way to sit together for a computer screen and look for a web web web Web Web online store of children’s furniture. Together, you can choose the most interesting, most beautiful and best furniture for your sun.