Children’s bike must be safe

Almost every child dreams of a bicycle, regardless of age and gender. This is not surprising, because he will be the first vehicle for him to go on a bicycle walk, play sports, just spend good time in the fresh air. In addition, the bicycle allows you to strengthen several muscle groups, which is very useful for the growing body, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

But, it is very important that children’s bicycles are completely safe, t. To. these are fairly traumatic devices. Today you can buy high -quality and safe children’s bicycles at affordable prices. In addition to bicycles, here, you can purchase other sports goods.

When buying, you need to pay attention to all the smallest nuances. First of all, you need to pay attention to the country – the manufacturer. The vast majority of products offered in our stores are manufactured in China. It is better to choose German models, t. To. They are of high quality and reliability. But they are more expensive.

The bicycle must be chosen according to the age of the child. After all, no one will put a three -year -old baby on an adult two -wheeled sports model. For the smallest you need to purchase three -wheeled models, t. To. They are as safe as possible, low and baby will be able to climb on them. Also, three -wheeled models can be equipped with additional devices, for example, a hinged awning from above to protect from the sun, a large and spacious basket for toys, etc. D.

For older children, it is better to choose a four -wheeled model with removable wheels. This is the optimal option in terms of finance and security option. T. To. In the beginning, additional wheels on the sides will allow the child to maintain balance. When the child grows up and becomes more confident, it will be possible to remove the wheels. For 10-12 years, you can already buy adult sports models with the mandatory presence of a hand brake.