Children’s orthopedic mattress

Sleep plays one of the most important roles in a person’s life, affecting not only daily well -being, but also on health in general, and for this reason it is necessary that the child from childhood observe the sleep regime, and the dream itself is comfortable. Orthopedic mattress can help in this situation. But how to choose it, in modern diversity?

To make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account 2 extremely important criteria:

The quality of the filler.

The rigidity of the mattress.

The quality of the filler

The filler in children’s orthopedic mattresses, first of all, should have hypoallergenic properties so that the child does not have or worsen allergies. Therefore, it is best to choose a mattress in which it will be:

Coconut Koyra;

polyurethane foam;


Coconut Koyra

Mattresses with such a filler have a large number of positive aspects, for example:

allows you to evenly distribute the loads on the spine of the child;

has high elasticity;

moisture resistant;

not subject to decay;


creates the optimal temperature for the child’s body, in which it is not cold in winter, and in the summer it is not hot.


To date, there are two types of mattresses:


Non -free.

Spring mattresses, in turn, are divided into types such as:

With a dependent spring block.

With an independent spring block.

Mattresses with independent springs are the least suitable for the child. At the same time, models with independent springs are mainly produced for adults, since their weight allows you to fully reveal to the orthopedic effect.

The most suitable for the child, of course, are considered to be non -free mattresses. Due to the fact that there are no metal parts in them, it does not have any negative effects on the child’s body.