Deep hair removal – nuances of technology

There are many options for hair removal in the bikini area:

Complete or deep hair removal (Brazilian)

Partial hair removal

Design – bikini

Bikini design with decoration.

Most women choose Brazilian hair removal for themselves to feel maximum comfort in such delicate places. This procedure is a complete removal of unwanted hair from the pubic region, from the labia zone and even between the buttocks. The most common method of complete hair removal in intimate places is waxing. This is a fairly inexpensive and convenient way, after it there are no growing up and the appearance of a rash. Wax is applied to the area of ​​growth of unwanted hair, and then removed along with unnecessary vegetation. It is necessary to prepare for this procedure, the length of the hairline should be approximately 5 – 7 millimeters. If the hairs are shorter or longer than this value, you will not achieve the desired result – the wax simply will not capture them, and the pain is provided.

Deep hair removal technology wax

You must take a convenient pose both for yourself to provide comfort and for the master, so that he can easily get up with all difficulty places.

The specialist first applies a bacterial agent, and if the skin is hypersensitive, then the cooling ointment.

Further, wax enters the role, the temperature of which is very important for this procedure – it is not too hot so that you do not receive burns. Wax is applied to small areas of the skin of the pubic area, then the labia and at the end between the buttocks.

A special strip is applied to the wax, and after it froze, the strip is sharply removed. At the same time, pain is present for the first 3 to 5 seconds.

Single hairs are removed with tweezers at the end.

After hair removal, a cooling agent is applied to the irritated area of ​​the skin, which not only soothes the epidermis, but also helps to slow down hair growth.

Do not worry and raise a panic if in the early days there is a slight redness or rash. It will pass quickly, and your gaze will delight perfectly clean and smooth skin. To avoid unpleasant moments, the following manipulations should be carried out:

The day before deep hair removal, use peeling when taking a shower. This will prevent hair survey.

After three days after epilation, it is worth using a scrub that will affect the slowdown in hair growth.

After removing hair, it is better to wear free underwear for a couple of days that does not cause friction from soft natural material. But at night not to wear it at all, giving the opportunity to relax to the skin.

It is better to do deep hair removal on the second or first menstruation cycle, when the skin has less sensitivity.

Wax hair removal is one of the simplest ways to remove hair, however, making complete hair removal in such a delicate zone as a bikini, it is better to contact specialists, for example, in Moscow.