Dishwasher how to choose it?

Sooner or later comes the moment when you need to think about purchasing a dishwasher. To date, their choice is very large, but which is better to buy?

Many choose it in size and beautiful design to fit and do not spoil the general view. Before the choice, you need to decide on the place where the dishwasher will be located. They are divided into built -in and separately standing. Model and color should fit into the design of the kitchen.

There are three types in size:

– Full -size.

– Narrow.

– Compact.

Compact, suitable for families of 2 people, narrow ones are best used in families where 3-4 people live full-size for large families.

It is necessary to pay attention to the indicators of the machine, how much electricity and water consumes, whether it is well washed how much noise. On the typewriter there will be a sticker with Latin letters starting with A and ending G (ADC). The quality of the machine is the first letter, the second is the quality of drying, the third is the cost of electricity. The best category A, the worst g. If you find a machine with three letters AAA, buy without hesitation.

To save water, they are divided into three categories:

Non -economic


Medium economical

The economy version consumes 15 liters, medium -sized 18 liters, non -amonomous about 25 liters.

And finally, pay attention to the functions of the dishwasher. An ideal option will be if it contains such functions as:

1. Auto -MOSE – the machine automatically sets the mode.

2. Intensive sink – used to wash fat and too dirty dishes.

3. Fast sink – it is better to use for almost clean dishes (cups).

4. Standard washing – for washing dishes, for example, after a soup or borscht.

5. Rinse.

Adhering to these rules, the choice and purchase of a dishwasher will not be difficult for you.