Fashion for full autumn winter 2013 2013

In the modern world, any woman, any proportions can look great. Fashion for full autumn-winter 2012-2013 offers girls and women all the same models as the usual. However, you should carefully approach the choice of clothing, especially if you need to hide some drawbacks of the figure and focus on the advantages.

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Fashionable style of clothing for the full season of autumn-winter 2012-2013

Owners of magnificent forms should pay attention to popular fashion collections for the full season of autumn-winter 2012-2013 dresses of a whole cut. They are more preferable for such girls, because they do not contribute to shortening the figure, unlike dresses with transverse division.

Another trend of this season is the use of vertical lines not only as a pattern on fabric, but also as decor elements, for example, fasteners and inserts.

In order to visually lengthen the neck, fashion designers recommend the use of V-figurative or vertical cuts, as well as avoid collar-old collars, because they only contribute to shortening the neck.

In clothing for full fashion autumn-winter 2012-2013, the sleeves should only be long or slightly shortened, so you can hide the fullness of the hands and avoid their visual shortening. Fortunately, this season just the same sleeves are the most fashionable, love, beauty, fashion moreover, it is very practical in the autumn-winter period. The sleeves are especially undesirable, they will only expand the shoulders and visually shorten the length of the hands.

In the autumn-winter season, skirts and dresses are very popular, in which the center is much darker than the sides, which allows you to make the figure slower and look away from the shortcomings. These dresses are ideal for full girls and women, moreover, they are very original and will allow you to shine at every party

Various jackets, jackets, cardigans and vests will be an excellent addition to the along with full autumn-winter 2012-2013, especially if they are made in bright colors. Dressed on top of dark clothes, they will perfectly hide the fullness in the hips and waist.

Another good option would be a combination of straight trousers with a fitted tunic. This will help to visually reduce the volume of the hips and lengthen the legs.

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Fashion materials of clothing for the full season of autumn-winter 2012-2013

The main materials used in the creation of clothing are fashion for full autumn-winter 2012-20313, are smooth fabrics, as well as the skin, due to the fact that they have a slight texture. And materials such as fur, twid, velvet, knitted knitwear, on the contrary, will give the figure several more unnecessary centimeters.

Fashionable color palette of clothing for the full season of autumn-winter 2012-2013

When choosing clothes, it should be remembered that models for the full should not be very bright, because they can make too much emphasis on the shortcomings of the figure. Oddly enough, the black color is also not a solution to the problem, it makes the shape of the figure too specific, which will hide the advantages and reveal disadvantages. The best option will be clothes for full autumn-winter 2012-2013 of the following colors: purple, dark blue, sea waves, olive, wine red, burgundy and khaki. The use of cold tones, such as blue and lilac, as well as neutral, such as beige and gray, is not excluded.

Fashion accessories for clothes for the full season of autumn-winter 2012-2013

Despite the fact that in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 clothing for full, fashionable decorations are fashionable, owners of magnificent forms should not be too carried away by them. An excellent solution would be the average in size accessories that will not look bulky. In order to draw attention to the chest, you can use fashionable brooches or pendants.

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