Fashion trends in the spring of the summer season of 2014

What fashion awaits us in 2014? The main fashion trends, far -looking women, predict many seasons forward, they choose high -quality and practical, but, at the same time, stylish things to wear them longer. Fashion trends of this season also imply a long use.

The favorite of designers this year became gray. Things in the collections can combine three, four or more shades of gray.

Brown, blue, pink and turquoise colors also became relevant.

Everyday clothes 2014: jackets, trousers, skirts

In fashion things for each day there is a fair amount of contrasts. For example, it is proposed to be worn in a pair with slightly fitted jackets with slightly fitted jackets.

In 2014, along with fashionable narrowed ones, quite wide frying trousers became. Along with this, fashion designers recommend wearing red pants in a small flower with leather jackets.

2014 skirts Bell, straight and flared, slightly lower than the knee. At the peak of popularity, shortened blazers and “Balero”.

Dresses of the summer season

The waist line emphasized by belts and a variety of cuts will be the most fashionable style of the dress in 2014.

Volumetric sleeves of the sheath dress, according to designers, are a fashionable trend in the new business style of a successful woman. Evening fashion is with open or half -open shoulders, or styles like a “mermaid”.

Summer season outerwear

A novelty of fur products are short or long fur coats similar in style to Frenchi.

The trend is vintage coat with a large number of stumps and frills. Another relevant feature was delayed collars with large lapels and deep cuts . The hem of the coat can be supplemented with ruffles of two or more layers.

Fashion accessories 2014

An important addition to the fashionable images of 2014 are leather belts and wide belts stylized under corsets.

In cool weather, it will be appropriate to put on a scarf of the most unexpected style. Gloves from a zimen accessory turn into an all -season. We put on leather and suede gloves in the spring, and in hot times gloves made of lace and silk.

fashion footwear

Shoes with a sharp, but short bearing the most relevant in the summer season. This applies as a boot, so shoes and ankle boots. Again, classic boats, with a fairly simple nose and various prints above the heel, became common.

Stylish bags

Fashionable bags of 2014 are popular in the form of a backpack or a snake leather or suede.

Source: Fashionable online magazine Okonoko. .