Fashion trends of dresses Spring Summer 2015

Spring is no longer around the corner. The most blissful and long -awaited time of the year for fashionistas, guardians of the Beauty Standard. In the fall, under the strict guidance of leading designers, the fashion shows, where the trends of the spring-summer 2015 season were determined.

It was an honor to become a prototype of the new season, the era of freedom and equality, namely in the 70s of the last century. Today, fashionable clothing for wholesale is cheaply sold in specialized online stores, such as Odezhda-Collection. . Updating and replenishing the wardrobe in this wholesale online store is quite easy, all the more that the cost of even the most fashionable models is available to all women.

Freedom in all its manifestations: there are no clear restrictions in color, shape, design and length. The main thing is to approve, comfort and aesthetics. Beauty should not go against the convenience of wearing.

Dress – not only serves as an antidepressant, but one of the main weapons in a women’s wardrobe. It is this subject of the female wardrobe that emphasizes the nature of the origin of the female principle, its beauty, charm, seductiveness.

For three years, Mullet dresses do not go out of fashion framework. In front are short and long behind, Mullet dresses create a delicate and air image.

Mini dresses are not inferior and they are also in the trend of the season. Emphasizing the refinement of their housewives, they require impeccable care for their figure. Short length should be compensated by a closed top.

It is worth noting that short cocktail dresses are not quite harmonious on women of a more mature age, but dresses on the floor, with a cut, a neckline, dresses on one shoulder, without britchecks will certainly be suitable for everyone.

Velvet, jeans, leather, light and airy, patchwork, iridescent and synthetic fabrics, fabrics of a denser texture, all these materials meet the fashionable criteria of the spring-summer 2015 season.