Fashion trends of stylish knitwear dresses

The nobleness and versatility of knitwear inspires world designers to create entire collections that can emphasize femininity and attractiveness of forms.

The old kind, but updated classic and original innovations in knitwear accompany the fashion trends of 2015.

Features of winter 2015

The seasons when there is a need to combine comfort and style are represented by warm and cozy models of free cut.

The main features of winter trends in knitwear

The fabric is light and plastic, draped well.

Midi’s length has gained relevance.

Direct and slightly flared silhouettes are welcome.

Color combinations are particularly expressive.

The combinatoriality of color solutions in combination with laconic styles is good.

The colors of shades of blue, red, purple and turquoise are preferred.

Basic shades – brown and gray.

The geometry of large prints – at the peak of the season.

The complexity of the cut, return to the fashion of the 80s. Asymmetry and sleeve “Bat”, drapery and volume of collars will be attracted to 2015.

A variety of tent textures:

Fabric with openwork, resembling lace, in models of pastel tones look with a special delight.

Angora, Moher and Alpak. Their combination with other materials creates laconic chic and emphasizes the advantages of models.

Features of knitwear in the spring and summer 2015

Femininity of silhouettes in the length of the maxi.

Building bodies with a luxury of hem.

Fruit-floral shades-in trend for long models, for short warm pink, orange and red gamuts are preferable. The contrasts of turquoise and fuchsia, orange with purple reflect the latest fashion trends.

Supermini as a reflection of the 80s. This length is relevant in combination with a free cut, spacious sleeves and bold v-shaped cuts.

Seductiveness to silhouettes will give drapery in the hips and neckline.

Accents at the waist in knitted dresses will also be appropriate.

Fashion trends of the cut and colors are embodied in cotton or bamboo with the addition of elastan and glossy surface.

Among prints, the most popular will be:


Geometric drawings in a variety of color mixes,

A strip and peas for everyday style,

Miniatures in children’s style,

“Portrait” prints with a photo of popular movie stars, singers or athletes. They will be harmonious on the short models of the simplest cut.

Shoes to knitwear

Winter stylish knitwear dresses will look exclusively with high leather or suede boots. An indispensable attribute in this style – matte tights. Fashion designers also offer to combine brutal boots with a feminine silhouette.

If we are talking about summer knitwear, then ballet shoes or elegant sandals will be appropriate here. Heel height is selected depending on the length of the dress. So, under the mini, high -heeled shoes are suitable.

Accessories for knitwear

You can wear beads to the waist long for winter things, under the summer option, plastic decorations are perfect.