Fashionable belts and purse of crocodile leather

It can be safely stated that crocodile leather products have always been fashionable and very expensive. The skin of the crocodile itself can give the product made of it incomparable appearance.

Today, to have a belt or purse made of crocodile leather at your disposal is considered very prestigious. This raises the image of a person and helps to increase his status.

Many ordinary people who want to purchase crocodile leather products most often do not have the idea of ​​how to distinguish a fake from real skin. And now, many scammers are trying to fake the products of leather, as they have a fairly high cost, and the skin of the crocodile was no exception.

What features can be distinguished in crocodile skin?

The skin of the crocodile has a very unique texture – it is as unique as the usual imprints of human fingers. Therefore, when buying an elite belt or a purse of crocodile leather, you need to carefully look at the picture, it should be visible very clearly, small cells – squares should be about the same size throughout the belt, but completely different in shape. It is worth remembering that the pattern on crocodile skin is never repeated!

Grooves that are on crocodile skin must be deep enough, also on genuine skin you can sometimes notice pores.

In some cases, you can see small seams on a finished product – this is not in any case not a marriage, but one of the features, it is due to the fact that crocodile skin can be sewn from each other from completely separate flaps. This feature can most often be observed on the purse.

Separately, it is worth noting the high cost of crocodile leather products, if the buyer is offered a crocodile belt or a purse at a very low price, then this will be an unconditional fake.

For whom is an elite leather leather crocodile leather.

A crocodile leather belt will become an excellent decoration for every man who strives to always be at height and in the spotlight. He is great for any style in clothes. Most often he is worn with good jeans or trousers.

This accessory will be a great gift for close relatives, work colleagues and friends. The main thing is that he be of high quality and pleases the eye.

Where it is better to buy crocodile leather products?

Now there are many stores, online stores, markets – where it is proposed to buy a belt, a purse or other product of crocodile leather for a very acceptable price, but most often the goods sold will be made of pig leather or another animal. We need to try to buy such things in specialized centers or stores, where, at the first request, the buyer can provide a license and all accompanying documents for leather products, and the price of a belt or a purse will be high enough, which will be largely a guarantor of the quality of the purchased goods from crocodile skin.

Following the simple advice above, you can safely choose for yourself any crocodile leather product.