Fashionable chiffon dresses 2016

In order for modern fashionistas at any time of the year to be in the trend of the season, they have to replenish their wardrobe in advance with trendy things, studying fashion magazines long before the next season.

Summer 2016 will not be the exception. Many representatives of the beautiful female are now actively preparing for the next hot season, replenishing their wardrobe with new outfits. Particular attention should be paid to the trend of the next summer – chiffon dresses.

What additional fabrics can be used for sewing a chiffon dress?

For sewing chiffon dresses, three main types of fabric can be used:



Polyester chiffon.

Each type of fabrics presented has its own positive and negative aspects of their application for sewing clothes.

Fashion trends for chiffon dresses 2016

Among the fashion trends for chiffon dresses 2015, the following areas should be distinguished:

Multilayer dresses made of chiffon.

Fashion designers of world famous fashion houses dictate fashion in 2016 for light flowing dresses from chiffon. Multilayer models will be no less popular, for the sewing of which the most flowing and light fabric was used.

At the same time, such a fabric in multi -layer chiffon dresses is perfectly complemented by a rather dense pitch. The top of such dresses is made of absolutely transparent chiffon, which makes the dress very extravagant and sexual. Such models can afford only liberated fashionistas, who are not afraid of their sexually attractive appearance to attract attention from others.

Summer sundresses a la “hippies”.

Such sundresses next season will be presented in a wide variety. Each fashionista can choose exactly the sundress that will not only respond to the girl of the ideal summer dress, but also the one that will be as easy as possible. Such clothes for a hot summer are simply vital. After all, often, when the thermometer’s column outside the window reaches forty degrees.

Greek -style chiffon dresses with many draperies.

Such a dress will be ideal for evening sea walks at an expensive sea resort. And fashionistas who will not be able to go to the sea should not be discouraged. After all, a dress from chiffon in a Greek style is quite universal. It can be worn for a walk around the evening city and on a romantic date with a loved one who does not pass on the sea coast of the azure sea.

Evening models of chiffon dresses to the floor.

Each girl, trying on an evening dress, represents herself a real queen of the upcoming ball. Shifon dress to the floor – exactly the outfit, thanks to which the girl’s dreams of reincarnation into a beautiful queen will come true into reality. All the attention of the opposite sex, which is nearby, will be involved precisely to its easy and flowing along the floor, which made a real mystery from the girl.