Fashionable fur knitted hats

If you say a few words about fur hats, then they probably never went out of fashion and will not come out. Every year, designers puzzle over new samples, complementing or throwing various details from the previous.

Such products will always be required in winter, but there are also models that make exclusively for women – these are fur knitting products. Today we are a mink knitting hats as an example. They are used in spring and autumn. Such fur knitted hats are well suited, which are sold here in the FURSK online store. , and to demi -season clothes.

Production process

Naturally, at first it is not entirely clear this name “knitted fur hats”. It seems some absurd. But this is not so. This product has its own manufacturing process. Usually take the mink strips and begin to get them into yarn. The result of such work can be a strong and high -quality knit.

Now such products can be made in several ways:

– After the blanks made of fur are made in the form of strips, they can be sewn on a knitted base;

– There is another option when the fur strips are bred to the product.


The main advantages of this type of hats include a small price for products. But if you consider this kind of head products in more detail, you can see that they are much more popular than others.


The features include:

– You always have a good opportunity to knit such a hat yourself,

– There is an option to order products in the workshop;

– hats of this type very quickly take the shape of the head and look natural.

– a large assortment;

– hats can be selected for a woman of any age.

There are light and insulated products. For example, insulated can be worn freely and when it is very cold. In spring and autumn, models are usually worn by a thin knitted base, but there are those that have a denser basis.

If we say winter options, it can be noted that in this case the lining is made of wool, so they are so warm and soft. It can be added that in addition to the mink skin, other furs can be used, such as a beaver or rabbit. In this case, designers have the opportunity to select their fur for each hat with a hat.

Moreover, hats can be done with various ornaments. All women are just crazy about such products, since they are soft and light. Some feel such a hat with their skin.