Fashionable Italian women’s jackets 2015

Italian fashion sets the tone for all European fashionistas. Designers are trying to surprise in their fashion week, using elements of last year’s styles in the collections, new catchy details, interesting tones, appeal to elements of the 20th century collections.

One of the necessary elements of a women’s wardrobe is a coat or jacket. Italian manufacturers leaders in the production of women’s jackets.

The winter season of 2015 combines traditions, modern materials and colors that refer to spring collections. Want to buy Italian women’s jackets of the new fashion season? In this case, you can find an excellent selection of such jackets on .

Collective image of the Italian winter

Moncler sentences are courageous and bright. Models refer rather to the sports style. Leather jacket with convex relief, muffled at the top, is supplemented with sleeves made of sports fabric from polyester. The jacket is distinguished by an abundance of straight lines. Such a model speaks of dynamism, self -confidence, expression. The combination of materials of different price categories adds to the image of fantasy.

Herno offers down jackets with a glossy surface and inserts of knitted knitwear in the cuffs, collar and lower edge of the jacket. Another bright detail is longitudinal lines (seams), combining gloss and knitwear in different versions. Jackets of different colors and lengths will not only be fashionable, but also convenient.

youth fashion

The world famous brand Miu Miu presented bright and youth models for the public for 2015. A distinctive feature of the ruler was the choice of color scheme – delicate pastel colors, pure tones remind of spring and love. Jackets are designed for different temperatures, there are warm down jackets and weightless jackets.

One of the models is a soft -pink -colored jacket equipped with buttons, a yellow hood and pale yellow inserts. Another model is suitable for dynamic girls, a short -length jacket, direct, but free cut adds to the image of persuasiveness and modernity. The gray color of the skin is supplemented with vertical rectangular inserts of green and black. The top of the jacket resembles a jacket in shape. Another fashion trend of this season was prints.

They can be restrained – calm colors, geometric pattern, monotony, or send the imagination to summer collections. Prints with a shiny surface is one of the most popular in the youth environment. Most often this material is used in gray-blue color scheme, reminiscent of a metal surface.

Italian women’s jackets will inspire any lady to update the wardrobe with Italian production samples or the use of individual trends and elements in their daily clothing.