Fashionable women’s knitwear 2014

Knitwear – probably the most comfortable and popular material. Almost everything is sewn from it – from underwear to elegant dresses and warm cardigans. This is the perfect material for sewing homemade clothes.

In the summer of 2014, almost all designers presented knitwear products.

Home fashion trends

The girl should not forget that she should look good not only on the street, but also at home. Because it is there that she spends a lot of time with her relatives and friends. The choice of clothes for the home must be taken responsibly – it should be beautiful and practical at the same time. If you are interested in high -quality female knitwear, you need a freezer factory! Visit the official one . , Where will you find a detailed catalog.

If we talk about home clothes, then almost all of it is made of knitwear. How he deserved such popularity?

First, it does not constrain movements.

Secondly, knitwear is presented in various color variations, which allows a fashionista to always find her coloring.

Thirdly, knitwear can be of different densities, so it is suitable for both winter home suits and summer weightless sundresses.

Velor costumes look very good on young girls. Bright color and comfortable cut – this is their main dignity. In such a suit consisting of a zipper and shortened trousers, it is convenient to do homework. It is also great for meeting guests.

A dressing gown is not the best home clothing option. Light weightless sundresses made of thin knitwear look much careful. And stylish colors gives homemade clothes even a certain elegance.

Fashionable knitted dresses

Knitted dresses have been relevant for several consecutive seasons for several.

Their undoubted advantages:

– They are comfortable in wear;

– equally well protect both from the cold and from the heat;

– do not require complicated care;

– They gently emphasize the figure, giving it a beautiful feminine silhouette.

In the spring-summer season, dresses of bright, saturated colors are widely represented. And fashion drapery creates a soft streamlined silhouette. Asymmetric cut turns an ordinary dress into a real festive outfit.

Flower print is very popular this spring. Both large flowers and abstract, blurry floral patterns are in fashion.

As for the style of knitted dresses, this season dresses with a wide skirt and an emphasis on the waist are especially relevant this season. Sarafans with oxen and various decorative decorations are also relevant – such as basca or contrasting inserts. On the knitted dresses of the sea theme, the effect of degrades looks great.

Knitwear is the best suited for popular Spring-summer 2014 dresses in the floor. After all, it is this material that is great for draperies. In addition, it flows and stretches the silhouette. Dresses look especially beautiful – maxi from coupon knitwear.

Therefore, we can safely say that knitwear remains the favorite of the spring-summer 2014 season.