Fashionable women’s leather bags

Women’s handbag is a very important and beloved accessory of each representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Women’s handbag is a very important and beloved accessory of each representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Some women, as collectors, constantly buy new samples of leading leather manufacturers. Often, incorrectly selected handbag or clutch, spoils the overall impression of the outfit. And what types of bags are fashionable this season?

Small handbags and clutches have become very popular now. This is a convenient women’s accessory: when visiting the theater, corporate party or solemn banquet. Small clutch, for the objects necessary for every woman, just an indispensable thing. Many companies – manufacturers offer a huge assortment of their leather products.

This is Neri Karra – a company that offers a large selection of crocodile skin clutches painted in various colors and shades. Small handbags, rectangular, very concise – this is an excellent addition to the along.

Picard represents its very elegant white women’s leather bags – clutches, on a thin strap and a metal latch. The appearance of these products indicates the quality of the skin used for sewing. For publication, the handbags of elegantly decorated, decorated with embroidery, rhinestones or precious stones are presented. For each case and outfit, a clutch corresponding to the type and decor is selected.

And what for every day? What leather bags are fashionable now? After all, the contents of the ladies’ handbag have changed: in addition to cosmetics, combs and a wallet, a mobile phone and a tablet computer settled in it.

What sizes to choose a leather bag and what manufacturers offer? French and Italian firms of leather accessories represent a very large selection: you can choose for every taste, color and decor. For a business woman who constantly carries a tablet or documents with her, bags are perfect – briefcases from Giudi. They are usually black and will approach any everyday office suit.

Gilda Tonelli bags are very elegant, small, but quite spacious. If desired and the need, all the necessary items will enter it. Bags “Lasa” and “Prince” – beige with brown trim, every woman will like. The youth option is “Vitello”. All Gilda Tonelli handbags are a product of very high -quality leather, with fashionable decor. A woman dreams of such an accessory: beautiful, fashionable and spacious!

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