Fitness in an interesting position

Once pregnant women doctors categorically prohibited any physical activity. But the recommendations of modern medicine are exactly the opposite.

If all medical indicators are normal: amniotic fluid, weight, pressure, tests, and so on, then the scientists believe that the baby develops better if the mother moves a lot.

If the expectant mother is engaged in special exercises for pregnant women or special yoga, then oxygen accumulates more in her body, which she certainly shares and with the baby. It is believed that moving with his mother, after his birth, he will learn to sit and crawl, and walk, and say faster after his birth.

Calm sports are not only useful for the future baby, but will also help the mother of some unpleasant consequences of pregnancy. Physical culture classes will greatly reduce the level of childhood diseases in a newborn.

Light systematic physical activity prevents so widespread back pain in the pregnant woman, especially in the last trimester, varicose veins. During such loads, a woman strengthens the muscles and learn to breathe correctly.

In addition, during these classes, a pregnant woman will not gain extra pounds before childbirth, and after childbirth will quickly be able to return to the previous form.

But it must be remembered that the physical activity for a woman in an interesting position should be in moderation. Therefore, before you engage in physical culture or go to the gym, be sure to consult your doctor. Because for different women with different levels of health, with different pregnancy leakage, the load should also be different. That which is useful for some may be dangerous for others.

And even if the doctor did not see any obstacles to classes, follow the precautions:

– Follow your pulse

– Behind the rhythm of breathing

– Listen to yourself

During classes, sampling, dizziness, redness of the face should not occur, and even more so pain in the lower abdomen.