For those who are not afraid to be in the spotlight!

In the modern world, many men thoroughly monitor their external species, as well as male fashion trends. For those who remain in the trend, it is no secret that in recent years, CASL style has been gaining all the great popularity.

It is this style that allows a man to show his own character and individuality, create many sets, having a limited, but competently selected wardrobe. This style in clothes makes it so popular and that it is appropriate both on a walk in the park and in the office for a workplace.

Where does CASL get its roots from?

This style became a message, which went to world names in the early 90s corporations. It was at this time that young people began to come to power in these same corporations and the “non -standard” appearance and peculiar beliefs belonging to various youth cultures.

What does CASL mean today?

The Russian equivalent of the English word Casl are the words “everyday life”, “negligence”. And this is a very accurate description. Distinguishes the clothes of this style by far from everyday accuracy, neatness, conciseness and grace.

A distinctive feature of style

It was previously noted that this style is appropriate in office premises, but the difference between the office style is quite obvious: a strict dress code involves the presence of a costume of standard, office flowers, a white, or a light blue shirt, a restrained tie and traditional shoes. Casl gives the right to put on a jacket with jeans, pants Chinos with a cardigan, as well as various woolen sweaters and trousers. The “relative” of the office style can be considered Smart Casl (or business Casl), which suggests the presence of a tie.

The main attributes of the Casl style are sweaters and cardigans, non -thyzhaki, blazers, jeans, chinos, socks, shoes, belt, and, of course, casio men’s watches. Representatives of the male part of the world’s population know very well that the correctly selected watch is half the success of the whole image. It is they who are able to show the social status of their owner. Today the lineup of the men’s watches is so diverse and bold that everyone will find an accessory by temperament. Casio watch is evidence!

Do not forget about other accessories that can supplement the image. We also draw your attention to the fact that CASL allows you to experiment with color and combinations in clothing. Be beautiful and elegant in everything.