Good tones … teeth

It is believed that healthy teeth have white color. This is not entirely true, since many people have a natural healthy color of dental enamel – this is yellow or grayish. This is often found. But it also happens that the yellowness appears as a result of the effects of harmful substances.

The enamel gradually becomes thin, and cigarette pigments, coffee, soda penetrate into the tooth tissue, changing their color. When eating sweet in abundant quantities, this process occurs faster, since confectionery products have a high level of acidity, and the acid serves as a factor that leads the enamel to an oppressed state. She eats her and creates minor recesses, pores in the tooth tissue. The pigment accumulates in them, and as a result, the color of the tooth changes.

Yellowness of teeth is not a reason for serious experiences. Before making attempts to rectify the situation, you should seek a consultation with a dentist. If he does not detect other deviations, then yellow enamel can be shifted to teeth.

In this procedure in the dental environment is a double attitude. Some doctors consider it a harmless, purely aesthetic character, others are of the opinion that bleaching is extremely negatively reflected in the state of enamel and can lead to undesirable consequences. Bleaching is usually carried out using a gel containing hydrogen peroxide, which is activated under the influence of a lamp or laser. After the end of the procedure, fluorine is applied to the surface of the teeth so that the enamel is strengthened.

Teeth can be bleached at home. For this, the doctor makes special caps. They need to be filled with a solution and put on at night. This action is usually carried out within 2 weeks. This is an alternative to clinical bleaching. When conducting these manipulations, it is very important to comply with all the doctor’s recommendations, since the gel that is placed in the capa can cause a burn of the oral mucosa.

Each person decides for himself – if he should whiten his teeth or not, what is more valuable – health or beauty, and whether it is possible to find the optimal solution that will allow you to maintain health and at the same time gain the perfect aesthetics. Modern whitening technologies, of course, have been brought to perfection, but not a single doctor can vouch that there will be no negative consequences from it.

If you observe measures of the prevention of complications, properly care for your bleached teeth, do not part with this procedure, then the harm of the enamel will be minimal, and the aesthetic result will be high, t. e. how when using veneers. And those who are naturally have no problems with the color of the teeth, you just need to carefully protect what they got without effort, which others are ready to apply for the beauty of their own smile.