Handwheeling for seats

In the winter season, heating seats is simply necessary, especially for those who have a car interior made of leather. The skin, as you know, is very freezing in the cold. For car owners, they came up with a special cape for heating seats. It helps drivers not freeze and sit on an already heated surface.

To date, a capita on a heating seat has various modes and temperatures. There are cloaks not only with classic heating buttocks, but also with heating lumbar, which is also very important during the year with minus temperatures. The heating mode is selected depending on the air temperature and on the desires of the owner. Such capes are in demand, both in men and women of motorists. The main thing is comfort when driving and maintaining health in the winter, which can ensure a capture with heating.

There are also capes for seats with heated and massage. The cost of such crochets is higher than the crochet just with heated. Massage can be carried out both the buttocks and the lower back, it all depends on the capture model.

However, you should not use the cape of heating constantly, since when accessing the cold, a sharp freezing of the lower body will occur, which can lead to radiculitis. It is recommended to turn on such a cloak during the heating of the car and turn off immediately after reaching the optimum temperature. When moving, such a cloak is not recommended.

The cost of capture cape is small, however, the benefits of the face. You can purchase high -quality capes on . The capture provided has optimal dimensions and a fairly small weight. Moreover, it is able to heat the surface to a comfortable temperature of 38 degrees in just 20 seconds. Consumption power is 12V.