Help or desire to control everything?

The young family was very lucky today if she lives separately from her parents. No one looks behind you, does not control every step, does not say that you are doing this wrong, then you do not need. But there are such cases that even individual housing does not save.

The desire of our parents to patronize and help sometimes simply does not know the boundaries. Of course, it’s easier to agree with your mother, because you know how to say that she is not offended. Another question is how to talk to her husband’s mother.

First, be patient. Parents will always strive to help, even if it is not needed at all. Although you often have to listen to the practical advice. For example, if you work in the same area, then you should listen to the tips on choosing a customs broker and other specialists. As a rule, the older generation knows how to choose good partners and you can learn this with the example of parents.

Secondly, if the mother-in-law bought you one of the products, do not scream and swear. She just wanted to make pleasant, help with costs.

Thirdly, when going to visit, never frown and show all your appearance discontent, even if she called her husband from work an hour before and said not to feed him, because she has prepared something, and you have a dinner ready for dinner. It is unlikely that the mother-in-law invited you with some kind of angry intent.

And the last. There are times when the mother -in -law, in an effort to help, begins to wash everything in a row and rearrange as it believes more convenient. In no case do not scream, do not swear, do not complain to your husband. Just sit down calmly and talk to her. Explain that you are not particularly to your liking, let it better show how to wash something correctly, let her teach you. Then, believe me, your second mother will not be offended, but, on the contrary, she will be very pleased.