Home sports complexes for children

Installation in the house or apartment of a special sports complex for children will allow your child to receive physical activity necessary for full physical development. Sports will help children develop character, willpower, excellent external data and strengthen immunity. In addition, children will be more often in a good mood and strengthen their health. In the process of using the sports complex, the child’s muscles will strengthen, as well as the respiratory system will improve. If you are interested in high -quality children’s sports wall, visit where such sports complexes are sold.

Sports complexes

Types of home complexes

Classification by manufacturing

– Wooden sports complexes. This type is suitable for a family with one child due to the fact that the maximum weight is up to 70 kg. Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting the manufacture of warm material and a small level of injury. Typically, such models have a mount to the wall.

– Metal sports complexes. It is advisable to purchase them for a family with several children, since the sports complex can withstand up to 150 kg. Of the advantages, a wide range of models, ease of use, and the ability to adjust it should be noted.

Classification by type of fastening

– mount to the wall.

– fastening between floor and ceiling

Classification on the complex of complex

– Standard option. It usually includes a Swedish wall and several additional shells.

– Expanded option. In addition to sports shells, it includes some furniture elements.

The sports complex for children usually includes:

– Swedish walls;

– gymnastic rings;

– mats;

– stairs;

– ropes;

– pears;

– climbing elements;

– swing.

The choice of a sports complex

When choosing a home children’s complex for playing sports, you should take into account the age of the child. For children from 1 to 2 years, there will be enough option with obscenity and Swedish walls. For a child over 2 years old, you can supplement the complex with stairs from ropes and swings. And children over 3 years old can already use a basketball ring, pear and other elements.

Thanks to a large number of models, everyone will be able to choose a suitable complex based on financial capabilities, dimensions and required functional elements. When choosing, you should take into account the number of natural materials from which the design is made. The larger they will be in percentage, the safer for the child this complex will be.