How Herpes of Pregnancy affects

Many people wonder how herpes of pregnancy affects and how dangerous it is for the unborn child ({{4659}})? It should be noted that such a disease as herpes is quite common in expectant mothers. The thing is that the herpes virus is asleep in the nervous nodes of our body, and it becomes active in the stressful situation during nervous overstrain and when the immunity is weakened. In the process of pregnancy, all of the above points are often found. What to do if, being pregnant, you noticed characteristic unpleasant rashes on the body?

Types of herpes

First, let’s figure out what herpes is. There are two types of this disease: the first is characterized by painful formations that appear on the lips, ears and other parts of the body; for the second – on the genitals or on their mucosa.

The first type of herpes is a consequence of the usual hypothermia of the body, when a person picks up a cold, for example, as a result of the action of a banal draft or a long pastime on the street. In this case, herpes can be treated by local means by lubricating the relevant formations with a special ointment. In pharmacies, Zovirax, Acyclovir, Herper, Virulex and other means are sold. You can also use an interferon solution, which should be used for a week. Herpes is also treated with the help of immunoglobulin, but this should be done only under the supervision of a doctor.

How to treat

As for the occurrence of herpes on the genitals, it is usually “picked up” after unprotected sexual intercourse ({{4765}) from a sick partner. This type of herpes can also be transmitted with oral sex. Such a disease is very dangerous for a pregnant woman, or rather, for her child, since the baby can become infected during the passage of the genital tract (we are talking about 3-4 weeks before birth). The child has to be saved with a cesarean section. Simple herpes is not terrible either to the child or mommy, since the body has antibodies opposing the virus. As for the primary disease with herpes, it can be dangerous for the baby, since his body is not protected by antibodies.