How to behave after a quarrel with my husband

No matter how wise and loving spouses are and are happy, in life life, alas, it is not always possible to avoid quarrels. Sometimes it happens that a small disagreement that happened after an innocent, at first glance, jokes leads to strong resentment and alienation. Women are most often offended – because they are more vulnerable and emotional.

Is it possible to avoid this? And if not, then, if possible, to “mitigate” the disagreement? If the relationship is built on sincere love, then this should be remembered first of all. Yes, men are not perfect and sometimes able to lift up the excess. But who said that family life is continuous roses? The spikes in it are also inevitable, it is the opposite side of the relationship.

As a wise woman, learn to give in. If he has chosen cutlery to his taste, try not to argue. Especially if he purchased them in an online store such as Posud: Meister. It’s okay that you have not put your hand to this purchase. As a result, you still received a set of beautiful cutlery, which will last you not a single year.

If the husband said something really extremely offensive, then the woman must tell him about it, but not in the heat of anger and not with a bunch of response reproaches, but gently explaining how his words were very wounded.

In no case do not need to declare a boycott to your beloved! This is the wife will only aggravate mutual hostility and irritation. Continue to communicate all the same, but without ordinary affectionate expressions and intonations – speak on abstract topics – about children, household situations. At the first convenient case, you need to discuss the prevailing relationship together. A woman should calmly and reasonably explain to her man what feelings she experienced during a quarrel, focusing on her feelings, and not on reproaches and insults to her husband – offender. You need to avoid wording like “Yes, you yourself …”, “I would look at yourself …” and the like.

It is imperative to look for ways to reconciliation, because there is still a long and, God forbid, a happy joint life.