How to choose a basic wardrobe?

A properly selected wardrobe allows you to make a maximum stylish set of the minimum number of clothing items. There is such a thing as a basic wardrobe – a set of universal clothes that every girl should have.

It is important to choose the right store before buying. In modern online stores, such as you can always find a large number of branded things and buy from wholesale and retail. Only in such large online stores it is worth making purchases. After all, the more choice, the more chance that you will find what you need exactly.

The first irreplaceable thing is a fitted jacket. It can be combined not only with the official dress code, but also with jeans, shorts, overalls and light dresses.

A mandatory attribute of a stylish wardrobe is a cotton shirt of pastel colors. In addition to the fact that it is ideal for trousers and strict skirts, the shirt is in perfect harmony with the feminine models of lace skirts. A duet of white cotton shirt and jeans is an absolutely win -win option.

Direct cut jeans should be in the wardrobe of every stylish girl. They are, in fact, and shoes-lodges-outside of time. The jeans of the base wardrobe should be dark blue, and not otherwise.

A pencil skirt is a weapon of a modern woman. There is nothing more seductive than an office lady in a narrow skirt and heels.

Black pants straight cut – another universal item. A successful addition to them will be cotton shirts, feminine chiffon blouses, bustier and tops.

Futlar dress is suitable for any figure. The ideal combination represents with a classic trench coat or coat.

Having universal things in the wardrobe, you can easily combine various images. And jewelry and other accessories help make the image elegant and unique.