How to choose a haircut machine

Those who want to take care of their hair inevitably face the choice of haircuts.

Of course, we are talking about men, although there are some models with nozzles that may well fit for children’s or female hair. In stores there are special haircut machines designed to haircut pets. There are professional devices among cars, semi -professional and amateur.

First of all, it is worth dividing the machines by your functionality:

Haid machines are suitable for this purpose, have a relatively small set of nozzles or can work with one, thanks to which you can adjust the hair length during the haircut process.

Trimmers – devices intended for haircuts of beard and mustache. The set of such a machine is a set of nozzles, which allows you to shave even the most inaccessible areas. And you can buy them like any other hairdressers. In addition, special forceps intended for hair removal in the nose can also be supplied. Universal models can be a good choice for those who want to take care of the entire “vegetation” immediately.

Vibrational machines, as you can judge by name in the course of use vibrate. The length of the hair can be adjusted with a lever located on the case. Such an option cannot be called professional, but such a machine is quite suitable as a budget option for everyday use.

The main disadvantage of the vibrational machine is its small power, it is not easy to replace the blade – you will need to disassemble the entire structure. If there are no replaceable knives in the kit, then they will have to be purchased or completely replaced by the machine.

Rotary machines work on a motor and boast of their power. They are often used as professional, if during the work the machine overheats, it is cooled by a special element. Such machines are able to work out for a long time, buying them visiting a store of hairdressing tools.

The quality of the haircut can affect the structure and material of the blades. It is best to pay attention to stainless steel blades, which have an additional coating. Such knives are able to serve for a long time, which means they will save time and money.

When choosing a typewriter, you should pay attention to how the blades are adjacent to each other. The denser they are and the faster they move, the more uniform the haircut will turn out. You also need to see how many nozzles in the kit. The more there are, the more professional a haircut can become.