How to choose a men’s terry dressing gown

Tainted robe helps to stay warm and comfortable at home, is able to absorb moisture, passes air perfectly, and also has a small massage effect. For many people, it is an indispensable item of home wardrobe. So how can I not make a mistake in choosing such an important thing?

First we turn our attention, of course, to the appearance of the dressing gown. Any thing should be liked by its owner, so you should choose a bathrobe of a pleasant or favorite color and the required style. To select the style, first you need to decide for what purpose the bathrobe will be used.

If you want to wrap himself after a shower, longer models are suitable, and for the constant use of the house (during cooking, homework), shortened robes, not too thick will be conveniently convenient. You can buy a quality robe of a terry Italy in the Pijama online store. .

By the way, terry fabric is completely different densities: from 220 to 750 g/m. sq. The density can be divided into three groups. The lightest robes are loose, the fabric is based.

Halates with medium density (the most suitable for home and the softest) are based. And finally, the most dense terry robes consist of single twisted loops. They last longer, but less soft and fluffy than medium -density robes.

You should also pay attention to the quality of staining the bathrobe and its smell. Strange unpleasant odors, as well as uneven color, indicate that this product is not too high quality.

Next, you need to pay attention to the label of the product. There you can see whether a robe made of natural cotton is made. It should be remembered that only such robes can easily absorb moisture. It does not hurt to give preference to a well -established brand in the market, since branded things will be better. The seams in high -quality things are well hidden so that the product remains soft.

When buying a terry robe, you need to focus only on your taste. The color, style and quality of the product is only the choice of the consumer that this robe will wear. It should be convenient, pleasant to the body and should not be constrained by movement.

If a terry robe is bought as a gift, it is necessary to take into account the floor of the one to whom it is given. Needless robes are male, female, children’s, as well as unisex robes. It is worthwhile to ask about color preferences of the one who is purchased a gift, or just buy a neutral robe so as not to make a mistake in choosing.