How to choose a swimsuit for the pool?

You like to swim in the pool, plan to do water aerobics or water sports, then you just need a swimsuit. How to choose it so that he was convenient, beautiful, stylish, and even hid the shortcomings of the figure.

There are three main varieties of swimwear:

A beach swimsuit is designed to rest at sea or river, for a beautiful tan, a spectacular appearance and bathing in water.

Evening swimsuit is more an evening dress for a beach party. Its main function to give you an amazing form, emphasizing all the advantages with a beautiful cut, chic fabrics and a mass of decorations.

A sports swimsuit is designed for classes in the pool, designed for active movements and sports loads.

It is clear that in the evening swimsuit you will not go to the pool, but why you should not wear an ordinary beach swimsuit for sports, we will figure it out now.

Why is a beach swimsuit not suitable for the pool?

Firstly, they have different functions. Lesson in the pool implies much greater activity, the breadth of movements. A sports swimsuit should tightly fit the body, be as convenient as possible, not jump off, exposing the undesirable parts of the body at the most inopportune moment. That is why most sports models are piecework swimsuits that provide comfort and reliability. Most of the beach swimsuits cannot give such guarantees, especially the models on thin straps, ties or without straps. Various jewelry of beach swimsuits can also significantly interfere with active movements: rings, ruffles, bows.

Secondly, in our country, most pools are cleaned by chlorination. This factor is taken into account in the production of sports swimsuits, and the materials resistant to chlorine are used. The usual beach swimsuit of the tankini in the pool can very quickly lose its attractiveness, and the elastic bands on it just stretch.

Thirdly, for the production of sports models they usually use polyamide with a greater than usual swimsuits (20%) or a PBT combination with polyester, which allows you to achieve greater elasticity, convenient planting and resistance to chlorine.

The wealth of the choice of sports models will allow you to choose the most convenient and suitable bathing suit for you. Do not strive to purchase a model less than. This will not help to hide the “excess”, but, on the contrary, will emphasize the shortcomings. Trying on the right model, turn around, bend down, sit down, feel how comfortable you are in it. Note that the swimsuit does not rub anywhere, does not squeeze and does not fall. Today, the sale of swimwear is very popular, so you can buy absolutely any model.

If you feel in it, “like a fish in water”, then this is exactly the swimsuit that will allow you to achieve a maximum effect in any training and get a lot of pleasure.