How to choose a wheelchair?

Nowadays, more and more often you can meet a person who moves with a wheelchair on the street.

Unfortunately, injuries received in a wide variety of situations are not always without a trace. In particular, if we talk about the frantic rhythm of life in our century, in the age of industry and construction. Therefore, with the incident (or innate) disability, life gives a green light with a wheelchair-wheelchair.

A wheelchair is far from a new invention, they knew about it in the 6th century BC. e. in China. The first person who established a serial release of these assistants to people with “lame” health was Harry Jiggins, who, therefore, helped a friend when he was damaged by the accident in the mine in the mine.

There were years, the technique of manufacturing wheelchairs has changed, and today there is a uncountable number of strollers on the market, which differ literally everything from each other: both design and technical characteristics. Incidently, wheelchairs with electrical control are gaining more and more popularity, although the usual strollers with manual controls do not go out of everyday life.