How to choose clothes by figure

July 23, 2013

When buying clothes, we always focus on our size and favorite color, but for some reason we forget about the features of our physique. There are certain rules for each type of figure, focusing on which, you will choose the right clothes.

A figure resembling a sand clock is distinguished by balanced proportions. Women with such a figure need to choose clothes from light flowing fabrics. Narrow skirts of knitwear, dresses and blouses with diagonal drapery are well suited. When choosing a jacket or jacket, it is better to dwell on fitted models. In clothing, you need to focus on the waist with knife, lines, straps (no wider 3cm).

A figure of the “pear” type (“triangle”) is characterized by narrow shoulders, a small bust and wide hips, so the clothes should balance the upper body with the bottom. The combination of a dark bottom with a lighter top will be perfect. You can weight the top with the help of wide collars and brilliant textured material of bright colors. A pencil skirt or trousers, a little narrowed downward, will help to narrow the hips. Avoid contrasting boundaries of light and dark colors on the hips line. Do not wear a bag at the level of the hips – this will increase them even more.

For the figure “Inverted triangle”, you need to focus on the legs, so the top of the clothing should be as simple as possible, but all noticeable patterns and bright colors should be applied at the bottom. Women with such a figure are suitable for any styles of skirts and trousers. The top should be with a V-shaped neck and better with sleeves-rehalan. It is better to choose skirts and trousers with an asymmetric pattern or decor. It is better to abandon the contrasting belts to the rest along the color.

If the physique resembles a “rectangle”, then free or fitted clothes, wide skirts, ruffles and ools should be avoided. Such a figure will be emphasized by sheath dresses or dresses with high waist. Cut should be straight without any large details and patterns. Trousers should be classic, but, in no case are wide. The skirts should be narrow and straight. Blues with a short sleeve and an oval or square neckline are perfect.

For the “Yabloko” figure, dresses with an inflated waist, blouses and jackets with straight sleeves, flared skirts above the knee, pants with an inflated waist and a slightly narrowed bottom are suitable. If possible, it is worth giving preference to high heels and stretch the silhouette using long scarves. In no case should you choose clothes with a horizontal pattern.