How to choose the right color for the kitchen

Let’s talk about how to choose the right kitchen color. After all, the mood during the meal and the presence of appetite depends on this!

During the repair, many housewives are facing the question of how to choose the right color for the kitchen. And this problem is not so insignificant, because the housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen and should feel comfortable, and not as in someone else’s plate. The decision can be made easily if you pay attention to several aspects. The first and most important depends on the parameters of the room. The design for a small kitchenette and the design of giant cuisine, of course, differ. It is also important and lighting, the style of the kitchen set. Do not forget about individual opinion.

The size of the room

You need to start with the fact that the color of the kitchen can both reduce and narrow the visible dimensions of the room. If it is large parameters, then they should be slightly reduced due to dark and saturated, warm colors. Such a room looks great, painted in black, purple, dark red, saturated green, blue and similar gamms, you can make very successful combinations of them. Relatively small kitchens always want to visually increase. Light colors will help in this. Suitable such as white, light yellow and other similar. It doesn’t matter whether they bring cold or heat, they will do their job, outwardly the kitchen will seem much larger than actually.

Dependence on lighting

Here you need to select a color scheme for the kitchen with the same calculation. In the modern city, houses are as close as possible to each other, and where they are not – they green the territory by landing under the windows of small seedlings, which eventually turn into sprawling birches, mighty maples and so on. Often the light in the apartment can cover any signs, neighboring satellite plates, and so on. Urban construction rarely takes into account the cardinal points in the construction of new high -rise buildings. So, the windows are from the northern or north-west, northeastern sides. It doesn’t matter why, it is important that the apartment has a lack of warm sunlight, the light has to turn on the electric. The same color of the kitchen will help to lighten the room a bit. To create a bright and bright atmosphere of the kitchen, you need to choose color in light, reflecting and giving heat tones. White, yellow, light red, gently pink and so on is best suited. Even a light purple will be able to attract the so necessary warmth and light.

However, there are residential complexes where the builders thought out everything to the smallest detail: the windows overlook south, the trees do not reach the floor. In general, there is more than enough light here in winter and in the summer. Such residents should compete for the coolness of the premises: brown, green, purple and different shades of blue will help in this difficult business. However, it is worth remembering the first paragraph of this article, which reads the visual increase and decrease in space.

The style of the kitchen set

There are two directions in this subsection – classic and modern. Definitely, choosing the color of a kitchen set is only when they decided on the style. For example, wooden cabinets against the background of the red gamut will look tasteless. Therefore, for classical kitchen, it is worth choosing a wood -colored headset (color of oak, walnut, and so on). All furniture should be plain, and the color of the walls and so on should be in harmony. So, brown and its shades with white and other delicate light colors go very well. Choosing the style of the kitchen modern, you do not need to be limited. Here you can do everything as you like. Flosures of several colors, shades are also suitable. Fantasy will tell the most incredible combinations, for example, red and orange, blue and yellow and many more options.

Own preferences how to choose the right kitchen color, they will best prompt their own preferences, as well as wishes for appetite. Keep in mind that gray and pink colors reduce it, allowing you to lose weight, but orange, on the contrary, increases the desire to eat. Green color soothes, the black escapes the atmosphere, white – a symbol of purity. But also in the white kitchen any dirt will immediately catch the eye, even if you can’t wash it. However, given all of the above, do not forget about the individual approach. Some people like gray color, some can not stand blue, to whom what. If there are several people in the family, then the decision must be made by gathering together.