How to choose the right condensed milk

Buying condensed milk, we understand that almost all of it with synthetic additives. And how you want to eat natural products: they are both tastier and healthier. In supermarkets, we see a bunch of brands producing condensed milk.

Bright advertising promises us that this product is really high -quality, without chemical additives and without palm oil. And although the latter does not seem so big as a big problem, many do not know that in palm oil it is much easier to “hide” all these harmful additives. So how do you determine whether the condensed milk is high -quality?

There are several criteria for this to help choose a good condensed milk.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is the name of the products itself. There is a significant difference between “condensed milk” and “condensed milk”. The name “condensed milk” by almost 100 % indicates the high quality of the product. The legislation provides that such products add a minimum of synthetic substances. And the composition of the goods written on the package almost completely coincides with reality. Some manufacturers produce the so -called “milk product with sugar”. In this case, you can not even hope that it contains butter or natural components. On the page there can be:

• cow’s milk or cream;

• sugar;

• water;

• stabilizers – some sodium – or potassium -containing substances;

• antioxilter – only ascorbic acid.

The last two components are not at all obligatory. They are added only if the product needs to be stored for a long time. In addition, stabilizers can differently affect ascorbic acid, which in consumption adversely affects health.


If you have already bought a condensed milk, you can, having tasted milk, determine whether the condensed milk is high -quality. It should not have lumps of sugar, soft lumps. Brownish color also indicates the low quality of condensed milk.

As a result, adhering to the above criteria, it is quite realistic to buy a high -quality, natural condensed milk. For this you just need to be vigilant.

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