How to choose the right fur coat

It’s not around the corner to long winter with good Russian frosts.

Many prudent women act according to the proverb “Cook Sani in the summer” and rush to buy a fur coat at a summer price. How not to lose with such a difficult purchase?

First you should clearly decide what fur you want a fur coat from. Suppose you are not enough savings. In this case, do not grab for the cheapest version of the mink coat, it is better to purchase a more affordable and high -quality fur (ondatra, ferret fur or nutria). Among the legislators of the mod, the place is given to Shinchille, Kunitsa, Sobol and lynx. The middle price category was firmly occupied by fur coats from the rabbit, beaver, as well as Karakul.

A style that perfectly emphasizes the figure is the next stage of the search. The latest fashion trends dictate the maximum approach to the “wild skin” – the unprocessed hem of the fur coat, “torn” sides, etc. P. A squeak of the season is a mink fur coat with an absent lining, the sections of which are not processed and turned out. Combined furs, as well as fur coats knitted from fur knitwear, look no less interesting.

Modern furs are processed in various ways to achieve softness, wear resistance, lightness and incredible attractiveness of fur products. For example, plucked fur is left without long and hard hairs, acquires softness and becomes like a plush. In cutting fur, a completely new texture is formed like velvet, mohair, etc. P. Pisk of modern fashion – laser haircut of fur products and applying perforated patterns on them.

Natural flowers gradually go out of fashion, coloring technologies are improved annually. The fur today is whitened before painting, and then apply paint in layers in layers. The popular “Snow top” method involves the color of the hairs at the base different from their color at the edge. When painting “Brisa”, the tips of the hairs differ from the base with a darker shade. Golden fur – bleached mink – was called “Gold”. With stencil staining, a fur product acquires a color under a particular animal.

The fox fur holds the greatest heat, followed by sheepskin. The third place is divided between the fur, sobol, beaver, cat, mink and chinchillas. The least resistant to the cold is a coat of groundhog, ermine and karakulevaya. The fur of your fur coat should be as fluffy as the winter is cold in the region. The most wear -resistant fur is otter and a fur skin of a beaver. Such fur coats serve about 20 winters.

It is recommended to go to buy a fur coat to the market only if you are absolutely sure that you can independently distinguish a quality product. Otherwise, we recommend not to risk your money and buy a fur coat in Khabarovsk in a specialized store. Good purchases to you!