How to choose the right sneakers for fitness?

In order for fitness classes to bring joy and satisfaction, it is important to choose the right shoes. It should be comfortable, comfortable, reliable. Ideal shoes for this sport are sneakers, but even they need to be able to choose.

What are the secrets when choosing sneakers? Take a closer look at your feet. Legs are of different shapes, you need to know the features of your foot. Only in this case you are right to choose shoes.

Most large brands currently offer models for any type of leg. Pay attention to the sole. The sole of the shoes for fitness classes should be special – in the front of the sole a circle must be knocked out, which will allow performing exercises with rotation around its axis. The sole should be dense enough so that it does not bend with an increase in loads. Sneakers should “breathe”. Buy shoes from natural materials. Artificial materials are allowed only in cases where they do not interfere with air flow. During classes, the legs should “breathe”. Take care of the joints. If your training consists of energetic movements, choose sneakers with a high back. He will fix the ankle joint and will not allow stretching. Shoes are male and female. Do not think that sneakers are asexual shoes. They are also male and female, developed taking into account the anatomy of a particular sex. Buy shoes only your gender. Buy shoes in the evening. By the end, the legs are difficult and increased in size .

You can easily determine whether it will be convenient for you in this shoes when performing physical exercises. In the evening you will not buy too hard shoes and do not lose. Take to try on socks and insoles. Try shoes in those socks in which you will engage in fitness. If you wear orthopedic insoles – take them with you and. Insoles should approach the selected shoes. Shoes will not stretch over time. Do not believe that the shoes will stretch. You must feel comfortable in sneakers right away. Go and run in the selected shoes around the store to make sure that shoes are suitable for you. Change your shoes in time. If the sole has worn out, the legs began to feel uncomfortable and not comfortable, it’s time to go to the store for new sneakers. Choose sneakers with lacing. Sneakers with laces won compared to Velcro shoes. Firstly, lacing allows you to better fix the leg. Secondly-sneakers on laces are more durable. Toes – freedom, heel – fixation. There should be a short distance between the toe and the thumb. In this case, the heel should sit tight and not slide when walking. The foot should not be too compressed so that the fingers can be moved. Approach the purchase of fitness shoes with all seriousness. It is best to choose sneakers in a sports store, whose specialists will help you with the choice of shoes ideal for your feet.