How to choose the right two -wheeled bicycle?

I am the mother of two wonderful boys, they are my weather. The eldest son turned five years old, and the youngest – three years ten months. My children are huckling and fidgets, but most of all they like to ride bicycles. The older child, not so long ago, we bought a good two -wheeled transport, and he is already doing well with him.

But the youngest, until recently, pedaling of a three -wheeled “iron horse”, but one fine day he told us that he really wanted to ride, like an adult, on a two -wheeled bicycle. Well, it is necessary, then it is necessary. Moreover, very soon he has a birthday and we, in principle, already thought about a gift. A neighbor whose children a little older than ours prompted that excellent children’s bicycles //////, attracted our attention. The husband began to further study this model. For him, an important criterion was the fact that the bicycle is made of durable, with a fairly easy material. As the spouse assures, this will help our son easily maneuver and go around possible obstacles.

The wheels are no less than the frame, they should be wide, have a good tread, so that a reliable adhesion with asphalt occurs during the ride. We also noticed that the model we have chosen had a protective casing that covered the chain entirely. For comparison, bicycles for adolescence children do not always have such protection (the chain is closed only on top). In all respects, the Navigator bicycle came up to us, so we placed an order without delay in the Daughter-Sniff store. For several days, the courier delivered the purchase and since the spouse was absent, the young man kindly agreed to help me and collected a bicycle. The joy of the youngest son knew no bounds, and now my uninstates are chasing bicycles in our yard on bicycles.