How to clean gold at home

Fashion jewelry gold jewelry from time to time require cleaning. Today there are a lot of simple recommendations and straightforward tips on how to clean gold at home.

They prefer to clean gold at home with detergents. For example, – shampoo, household soap, washing powder, a dishwasher remedy. To do this, a certain detergent is poured into a small dish, a little washing powder is poured and a little water is added. Everything shakes. In the prepared solution, on the bottom covered with a cloth, gold jewelry is placed, which should be completely covered with solution, and boiled over low heat for up to ten to fifteen minutes. As a result, jewelry will shine like new.

How to clean gold at home with household soap? He is rubbed on an ordinary grater. One spoonful of soap (dining room) is poured with a half glass of boiling water, the solution is brought to a boil and lower the gold jewelry with the simultaneous addition of ammonia or soda. After some time, the products are removed and wiped thoroughly.

Gold is also cleaned with ammonia and a three percent mixture of hydrogen peroxide. Half of the ammonia bubble is added to the pharmacy bubble of hydrogen peroxide, everything is mixed, jewelry gold products are placed in the solution, the dishes are tightly closed to avoid the pungent smell of ammonia, and is left at night. In the morning, all products are washed with water.

You can clean gold at home by using only ammonia, where products are placed briefly. At the same time, the dishes are closed so that there are no ammonia. After that, jewelry must be washed well in clean water.

Quite often, soda or salt solution is used to clean gold. With gold products lowered into soda solution, it should be boiled for a short time. After that, the gold is polished using soft material with pile.

To clean gold products, you can prepare a salt solution: two large tablespoons of food salt dissolve in half a glass of water. Products placed in salt solution are left for the whole night. In the morning – washed with water. Jewelry will shine with unique cleanliness.

Other methods of gold purification at home are considered acceptable. For example, using tooth powder or paste, which are applied to a cotton swab. Jewelry jewelry with such a swab is carefully wiped until they are completely cleaned.

You can clean the gold well with ordinary, not very fat, female lipstick. The surface of gold, smeared with lipstick, is carefully polished by a tampon of cotton wool or a soft cloth, for example, a flannel.

Since a long time, such folk recipes are known: the gold product is wiped with a cotton swab with a mixture of beer and egg protein. Cotton wool moistened in table vinegar or onion juice is applied to the products and washed with water.