How to congratulate a girlfriend on birthday

Birthday of friends is the most touching and exciting holiday. Especially when friends are truly faithful and close, those with whom it is fun even just to be silent, which they understand from the half-word. And many want to make this holiday even more interesting and joyful. But not everyone knows what can be presented to your friend or girlfriend.

Only fantasy should work here or you can visit various thematic ones, you can find a lot of interesting ways to congratulate your girlfriend. Do not forget that a gift for a friend should not cost some frantic money, you can make a very good and original gift for very little money. And you can arm yourself with a good and persistent paint, some fun and bright color, and go at night to the entrance of your girlfriend, most importantly, choose a good view from her window to the yard. And paint a friend with a paint girlfriend, you can fit some small rhyme, draw all kinds of hearts and flowers. Such a surprise will definitely like your girlfriend, it is very original and unusual, and most importantly, it is very pleasant. Well, of course, then there can be small troubles, for example, you or your girlfriend can make all this to wash, but, after all, these are all the little things compared to such a holiday. But it will be fun.

Recently, a video congratulation was in an original way to congratulate a friend. For this method, you need to collect the closest and dear people, give them holiday caps, whistles and balls, cut strips of paper, and take turns to write pieces from sentences on them, shoot all this on a camera either a phone or video camera, is better, of course,, of course, on the camera, the quality will turn out much better than on the phone. In this video you can insert some kind of festive music, make some effects. Such an original gift will definitely like your friend, it will not remain indifferent.