How to cook delicious filling for Ossetian pie?

Fillings for Ossetian pies are the most diverse. The traditional filling of such baking is considered cheese and meat. In fact, the range of fillings is much wider than the average inhabitants think.

Cabbage, pumpkin, herbs, potatoes, beans, beetroot leaves will be able to become part of such appetizing and colorful pastries. What is most interesting, each variety has its own, unique and original name. So, Fydjyn – Name of Pie with meat filling. Walibakhta is called baking with cheese.

When the Ossetian pies are baked with the addition of potato layer in the bakery of Chegem, they will wear a sonorous and speaking name of potatojin. But Zaharajin is a baking with an original filling from a mixture of Ossetian cheese and beetroot leaves. At the same time, each variety is good in its own way, having a piquant taste and aroma. You can try to bake such a treat at home. If the culinary masterpieces are beyond strength, then you can always use the baking service to order, which exists in almost all major cities.

The most common filling of the Ossetian cake is cheese. Especially winning is the option from true Ossetian cheese. It is it that allows you to create an unsurpassed taste and aroma of the pie. If you find such a product is not easy, you can use any sheep option. The cheese made independently will sound original and tasty. The main thing is that the filling is not too salt, this can ruin all the pastries. And the fat version of the cheese will not be successful. To prepare the filling, you need to grind the product on small slices and soak in slightly warm salted water. At the same time, you need to do everything with your hands without the use of a knife. The resulting mass is mixed, after which the most popular filling for the Ossetian pie is ready.