How to decorate the room for the New Year

According to the ancient tradition, before the New Year, it is customary to decorate the house elegantly so as to please the advancing symbol next year. We remind you that 2014 will be the year of the horse. But how to decorate the room taking into account the “interests” of this symbol?

Based on the fact that the next year will be the year of a wooden horse, it will be very appropriate if you place wooden figurines and all kinds of horses in different places in different places, or ordinary vases. But, the main condition is that they are wooden. Due to the fact that the main talismans of the outgoing year are bells and horseshoes, then to attract the luck of the horseshoe should be located above the front door with “horns” upwards.

According to famous astrologers, the horse is a simple animal, so it will be very glad to natural materials painted in the most natural colors. You can even hang apples on the New Year tree, and decorate the walls of the apartment with twigs of needles. The color scheme should be in the range from pale blue to green. But the most important thing is that the process of decorating the room passes in a good mood and enthusiasm.

It is necessary to decorate the room with children. This process will be very interesting and exciting for them. If bright energy prevails during the decoration of the house, then there is no doubt that the horse will appreciate this. A child can be entrusted with drawing drawings in the form of snowflakes on the windows with special paints or diluted input toothpaste. Although, if the child is already older enough, then he can be given a task and more complicated – to make a snowman or garland. Thanks to, for example, quilling joint activities, he will be able to make an interesting and beautiful composition.

There must be a handful of oats or a edge of bread on the New Year’s table. This is done in order to appease the coming horse. By the way, it is worth it on the table to put a small souvenir in the form of a horse.