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Dyeing gray hair with natural dyes

Any woman is faced with the fact that her hair begins to gray over time. And although it is believed that the graying of the hair is one of the signs of age, very young girls are faced with this problem. It is quite difficult to dye gray hair, since there is no pigmented layer in it and, therefore, such hair is very poorly stained.

Natural dyes

Natural dyes, such as henna, a peel of walnut or basma, are able to dye the hair in the most natural and simple way. A decoction of chamomile or rhubarb will help to paint over a slight gray hair in women with natural light brown hair. Natural hair dyes are very useful. They nourish hair along the entire length, give it a healthy shine and do not harm the hair structure.

Cosmetic colors

Hair dyeing with cosmetic colors

But only modern cosmetic paints can dye gray hair in a fashionable color or shade. But it should be remembered that not all tint dyes are designed to cope with gray hair. Therefore, before buying, it is better to read the instructions on the package, where there should be information that this paint is designed to paint the gray hair. In the instructions for use in such colors, there is also information about which proportion it is necessary to knead the colors in order to evenly dye gray hair, depending on their number.

In the cosmetology market, paints also appeared that can dye exclusively gray hair, while leaving natural hair color untouched.

Recently, special cosmetologists have developed special tools from gray hair. When using such eminent creams, a natural color returns for a month and a half, allowing you to avoid dying hair and problems associated with it.

A wide range of cosmetic products helps a modern woman to perceive gray hair not as tragic as before. This stage of life is now perceived as an occasion to change a new image, the ability to experiment and show a fantasy.